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High Paying and In-Demand Skills of 2021

High Paying and In-Demand Skills of 2021
October 25, 2020

Which are the Highest Paid Jobs?


The world is a tough place to survive in. Not everything is affordable and it's very difficult for people to make ends meet. The rising inflation has left people helpless and in order to survive, they are opting for part-time jobs that they can easily do from their home. A lot of professionals are opting for Part-Time work especially women professionals are joining in more numbers as it's helping them to balance both their home and work. All jobs are not equally paid well but there are few jobs which are highly paid jobs and which creating waves in the market.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Science has been ruling the world but Artificial Intelligence will soon take over the kingdom. One of the highest-paid and demanded jobs is that of expertise in AI. All you need to know is extensive programming skills, data analytics, and knowledge about machine learning. A person knowing and understanding the coding languages of Python, C, C++ can easily do a freelance job. AI has been finding applicants in all the domains such as healthcare, logistics and the digital world. As per experts, AI & Robot are going to take millions of traditional & repeated jobs.


Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning Jobs have suddenly been on the rise for the past few years and the demand is increasing day by day. A machine learning engineer is always an asset to the client. AI has been turning into advanced level day by day and the demand for machine learning engineers are increasing to handle the business operations. This freelance work can best be done from home and you'll be paid extremely well.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA has made the digital world easy for anyone to operate and expertise from this field is in high demand. It provides greater accuracy and productivity. RPA Jobs are available not only in the USA, UK, Europe & Australia only but its in high demand in India, China, Japan, South Korea etc also. If you are also an expert in AI along with RPA, you are going to be paid the highest among all.


Content Writing

This is in high demand now a days. It's also an easy job to do with a good amount of money to be earned. Some of the websites provide you money for each word you write and some for each blog of yours that will go live. Also, it's an easy offline job and many companies hire writers to write for them. You may end up earning a good amount of regular money. Every website needs content to grow. And you as a writer with good literary skills and with proper background knowledge of that field can fill in the space of a freelance writer. In a recent report, the demand of writers in 2020 has been shown rising. 


Data Scientist

Data Science Jobs are in high demand and one of the highest-paid jobs in recent times. Data Science has given new meaning to Business Intelligence, Data mining & Data warehousing. Data that has been lying idle now can be processed and utilize for decision making. There are many companies hiring full Time and Contract resources for Data Science. Absolutely within no second thought you can call it as one of the best and highest paid jobs for the full-time, contract, and freelancing. So get a grip over your potentials and apply for it.


Games Developer

Everyone is crazy about mobile games these days. The craze for games like Pubg and call of duty can be seen all around. Developing games has a very wide scope in the business world. Many companies look for developers with unique, creative and innovative ideas who can provide them with good services. If you are a software specialist, you can land you a job in any foreign company with a very good salary package.


Online Media Editor

If you have fluency in speaking and good language skills, an online media editor best suits you. There are lots of online newspapers and magazines that are widely read by people and you help edit them. Media outlets are mostly run by low-cost operations and so they hire editors. So take up the job and survive with good packages and enhancement of your skills.


Event Planner

Everyone has plans but not all can execute it perfectly. As an event planner, you know what and how to arrange for an event and make it go smoothly. Such artistic minds are praised by all. And so many top-class parties hire event planners to organize and look after the demands of people. Event planners are one of the highest-paid job not just offline but also online.


Fitness Trainer

 People now a days are very conscious of their health especially after the pandemic and Covid -19 crises. There are fitness freaks everywhere and the idea of closed gyms is making them restless. Here is your moment to grab the opportunity and teach them gym and exercise online. It's a good job and you can charge a good amount of money on an hourly basis.



Languages bound us to different people and their cultures. If you know to speak different languages, you've already done half your work. Translators are the most demanded one when it comes to freelancing and your multilingual skills are going to be proved as an asset. You also make a good 30 to 40 $ per hour as a fresher. 


Graphic Designing

Almost every freelancing project demands a graphic designer. No projects are complete without graphics. If you are artistic enough to create visuals for blog content and social media, the clients or the contract workers are already pleased with you. 


Social Media Marketing

The world is incomplete without social media. It has not only helped people connect from far off land but has also expanded businesses with big profits. If you have the marketing skills and a good online presence, you're surely going to be hired by companies selling their products online. The better marketing skills you portray, the more you are paid.


Editing & Proofreading 

Editing & Proof Reading Jobs are in the rise because of its high demand. Since the number of content writers is rising, companies do need a skilled professional who can edit the content as per the demand of the website and can give a thorough proofreading before it's posted. This can also help you get jobs in publishing houses. The best example is that of Kindle.


Mobile Apps Developer 

Android and & iOS are making waves and are in high demand. Android Developer jobs or iOS Developer jobs are one of the few high paying jobs across the globe. Smartphones are like oxygen to people these days. There's no phone without apps been downloaded in it. If you have that talent and creativity of developing apps, you have a good future ahead. Apps are giving huge profits to the companies and your talent will be worth a take. Apps like Paytm, Uber & Amazon are having a net worth of billions. 


Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assisting is the new freelancing gig. Many contract workers and clients lookup for people who can assist them virtually for a project with their creative ideas. Sometimes also doing small tasks like responding to emails etc. If you are a responsible person you should give it a try.


SEO specialist & Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is in high demand these days. Many companies even provide training to their interns to master the art of SEO. The trend charts for SEO is also very high. If you are good with algorithms and are sure of taking the business on top, you are always welcomed in the world of freelancing.


The list might go on but a few of these skills can lead you to a good freelancing and part-Time job option and some of them can be done purely work from home projects and you can make good money. So polish up your skills and use it in the right direction. With these skills as a freelancer or even digital nomads, you not only get your autonomy as a freelancer. So these were some of the highest-paid online jobs through which you can improve your income and survive a better life. Sites like onbenchmark.com give you a good opportunity and you can surely have a look here to become a successful freelancer, remote worker filled with opportunities without any commission or any bidding. You are surely going to have a great journey ahead.

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