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Flexible Working is the Future of Work

Flexible Working is the Future of Work
August 06, 2020

What is Flexible Working:

Flexible working is working as per your convenient and available time not as per the fixed time-line of office or 9-6 jobs


Working Time & Future of Work

The rise of the “gig economy” is giving us a glimpse of the future of Work and working time. Full-time employment will gradually come down and the new wave of Part-Time and working for multiple employers will be the new normal. Covid19 crises have given another thrust to the rise of Part-time employment as millions of people have lost the jobs and employers are also reluctant to hire permanent employees because of uncertainties lies ahead because of the corona crisis. The earlier increasing trend of uberization of employment has now become the forced need.

The future is one in which people won’t just have one full-time job, but we are going to see the rise of people working for multiple jobs at the same time, which may be equivalent to full-time hours. Platforms like OnBenchMark.com are creating a new and simplified way of getting part-time jobs, unlike conventional freelancing websites, which makes the process of getting Part-Time work more complicated. That is a good thing. It means that everyday people are becoming highly skilled to sustain and to create value that is empowered by their abilities.

The steady decline of full-time jobs as a percentage of the labor market due to unregulated capitalism and the growing sophistication of digital and mechanical automation. In the past, part-time and seasonal hires were meant to cover the occasional manufacturing spikes or holiday retail season. You can see this trend most aggressively applied to retail and restaurants, where part-time staff are assigned tentative shifts and notified to come in, sometimes with less than an hour’s notice, but given time, higher-skilled, white-collar jobs are now well accepted. 


Impact of Flexible Economy:

The rising trend of the gig economy is already creating ripples in the economy but the flexible economy is a boon for companies looking to shave off expenses. Shedding excess full-time workers allows companies to reduce their benefit, healthcare & retirement costs. These cost reduction will be invested somewhere and part-time workers will be the biggest beneficiaries. Employers will be saving costs on various other support expenses like On Job training, basic Infrastructure facilities.


Best Part-Time Jobs

There are many Jobs available in the market for a Part-Time Work and work from home Jobs. IT Industry is one of the most lucrative and high paying Job sectors for Work from home. There are many jobs which can be done on a Part-Time basis and work from home in IT as well as Non –IT field:


·        Web Designer

·        Digital Marketing

·        Web Development

·        Software Development

·        Mobile Development

·        Content Writing

·        Marketing

·        Data Entry

·        Finance & Accounting

·        Fashion Designing

·        Translation

·        Legal Advice

·        Customer Service

·        Sales & Marketing

·        Data Scientist

·        Video Editors

·        Photography

·        Voice Over Artist


Best Part-Time Jobs for a college student

·        Animal caretaker

·        Babysitter or nanny

·        Delivery Driver

·        Music Instructor

·        Substitute Teacher

·        Tutor

·        Retail Jobs

·        Zumba Instructor

·        School Bus Driver

·        Cleaning Crew

·        Massage Therapist

·        Tax Preparer

·        Call Center Representative


Part-time jobs don't have to be outside of the home. There are plenty of opportunities for college students, professionals. Moms can also make money from home. Some of the types of work-from-home opportunities include freelancing, secret shopper jobs, and home party hostess positions.


How to prepare Working from Home Career


If you’re looking for a work from home position, you should be aware that not all such positions will be readily available. You may have to go on the company’s careers page or job board and enter terms such as work-at-home, work-from-home, Part-Time Jobs, remote jobs, etc. Once you’ve landed a work from home situation, you’ll need to prepare your home life for the shift. As we have already mentioned in some of the descriptions above, some of what you should expect to have in place before you start the job include:

·        A separate workspace at home.

·        High-speed Internet connection.

·        Good configuration of Computer

·        A phone line with a headset.

·        Other equipment required to perform the job.

·        Your workspace should be comfortable


Advantages of Part-Time Jobs

If you’ve never worked for a Part-Time Job in the past, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the new venture. Both finding a Part-Time or work-at-home position and creating the right work environment are critical to your success. For Moms, a part-time job is a great way to cover your employment gap while you're staying home to raise the kids.

  • Part-time jobs generally don't come with benefits, such as health insurance or paid time off for sick days or vacations.
  • Some part-time jobs will require a minimum number of hours, even up to 30 per week, which may conflict with your schedule.
  • The potential for your work from home job may jeopardize your personal life by allowing your personal life to invade your professional time.
  • You will need to be upfront with your employer before you are hired that you can't work certain hours.
  • Many jobs can suck up all your available time if you let them. You have to decide when you have to shut down for the day.
  • Some part-time jobs require you to work on weekends.
  • Your hours may not be consistent each week.
  • Busy times of the year may require you to work additional hours.


In nutshell, Flexible Working or Part-Time working is going the change the future of work timings and Part-Time employment is going to grow and the Corona crises have acted as a catalyst to this flexible and remote economy.


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