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ChatGPT - Disruptor or Savior?

ChatGPT - Disruptor or Savior?
February 07, 2023

ChatGPT is the market disruptor of the year and which market disruptor you ask; it is probably every market and industry sector out there. The fact that writing content is no more a difficult task and in fact, your whole organization can simply benefit with the comfort of a simple click. Here is how ChatGPT has managed to disrupt the market in the guise of a savior.


ChatGPT is an AI robot that can specialize in communication. This AI has enabled the AI to create, talk and demonstrate a varied amount of verbal communication and also fetch different types of written documents needed by any person. The software was launched back on 30th November 2022 and was created by OpenAI. Ever since its creation, over 100 million users have now used this platform making this one a sure shot hit. The hype spiraled up when the platform hit one million users in December and suddenly the world discovered the miracle of ChatGPT. 


The Era of ChatGPT


Many large companies that have been the leading name in our day-to-day business when it comes to working on the internet or even using your mobile or PC have realized the power ChatGPT holds and how it can impact their own business in the long run. As a consequence, many have now planned to inculcate this software in their design.


Microsoft has planned to integrate software into its systems and will allow users to access the software directly from their applications. The launch of ChatGPT will be done soon and many plans are being made as to how to roll out this big collaboration. While many are excited about this venture some experts have shared a rather interesting set of questions. Can we see this action as an act of surrendering to this AI? 

In a way, we can see the leading technologies will go together hand in hand and you might not need to consider this a surrender but we can surely see this as a move to avoid all kinds of future tussles!


On the other hand, Google is working hard and has invested millions in software that will be the competition of ChatGPT. The investment disclosures recently made rounds and we might have a better version of the same AI soon.


ChatGPT Disrupting Industries


After years of spending time writing and drafting several documents in different industry sectors, we have all thought about our respective professions as to when will technology replace this tedious task. Now that the time is finally here when a ChatGPT will happily do the chore of a software developer, a lawyer, and more. We ask you, readers, does it feel secure or unsafe? Now that software can easily replace 90% of the tasks you do! 


Here are a few ways in which ChatGPT can successfully replace different industry sectors:


Content Writers: Content is the primary function of AI and while ChatGPT cannot be used to generate articles and blogs for publication, there are so many other requirements of content that will now be completed through this platform. Hundreds provide freelance work and contract work to organizations to complete content creation-related assignments including website content, client decks, and more. These work models are expected to vanish within one year. 


Computer Programmers: ChatGPT can create entire computer codes! Humans have spent years learning the language of code and then more years creating their expertise in it. Can you imagine all those years of effort and a simple AI tool will replace you in the blink of an eye? While thousands have been working as flexible workers in this sector, we are sure to see a change in the hiring trends soon! 


Legal Industry: Are lawyers replaceable with AI? As far as documentation and legal opinions go, ChatGPT has been able to curate both for the people. However, the core skills of a lawyer are not replaceable, yet again these skills even if remotely replaceable may cause irreparable damage! 


Our Savior?


ChatGPT is one of the most advanced AI which has become popular recently and as much as we are loving the convenience it comes with, we also need to understand that many are facing the possibility of what would transpire if it becomes so convenient that it ends up replacing thousands of jobs. In all honesty, jobs are scarce and the possibility of machines replacing jobs is such a huge scary move. All the sectors are now considering the possibility of their own respective ‘what if’. 


Ban on ChatGPT?


Industry sector leaders from different parts of the world have come together to suggest that to secure the youth and avoid over-dependence on AI, we will need to put a further ban on ChatGPT on an immediate basis. While this might even become true for some nations yet there have been a few comments that differ from this opinion as well. Harvard College’s President stated that all kinds of knowledge that a student acquires are his own will and choice. Banning AI will be the easiest way yet the sounder way of doing this is to teach our youth how to use this software in the right way. And while many might still get on the wrong path, whenever a permanent change occurs, people have tried to free themselves from the shackles. And if we ourselves hand our youth the power they can explore with AI, the idea of them rebelling to do this will be a war no one wants to fight. 


The past couple of months have been the uprising season of AI, and while ChatGPT is one only of the many types of AI which are now available for people to use, we know this was the dream of the world a few years ago! The closer we have been to the change in reality the more scared it makes us, yet we know this situation will push out more skilled and irreplaceable employees in the market.


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