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Rayhan (RID : 15xwtl5tmddtp)

designation   Software Engineer

location   Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh

experience   Experience : 4 Year

rate   Rate: $18 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : 1 Month

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 1
Total Views : 34
Key Skills
Golang Python JavaScript C++ PHP


Software Engineer with 4 years of experience facilitating cutting-edge engineering solutions with a wide range of applications and technology skills including Golang, React, TypeScript, MySQL, Redis, Arango DB, Python, and Laravel.


Areas of Expertise

●     Manage Development works & Projects

●     Team Leading

●     System Analysis

●     Software Architecture Design

●     Golang, Concurrency

●     Fiber, Gin, Chi, Mux

●     REST API, Microservice

●     ReactJS

●     PHP(Laravel), Python(Flask)

●     AWS (S3, Ec2, SES, SQS), GCP, Digital Ocean


Key Technical Skills

●     Programming Language – Golang, Python, JavaScript, C++, PHP

●     Frameworks - Gin, Flask, Fiber, Laravel, Chi

●     Design Pattern: Singleton, Factory, Builder, etc.

●     Web Language / Front-end - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, ReactJS, Next.JS

●     Operating System - Linux, Windows

●     Database - MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Arango DB, Elastic Search, Meili Search, Firebase

●     Other Software - VS Code, PhpMyAdmin

●     Others - RabbitMQ, AWS SQS, AWS SES, JWT, Docker, Open Telemetry, Open API

●     Cloud Service: Amazon AWS services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean

Experience :

Project: HH Middleware(A Microservice For Communication Between Different Services)

Environment: Golang, Firebase Auth, Fire store, Redis, Fiber, Concurrency

HH Middleware is a microservice that helps an Australia-based medicine selling the company to communicate with different government services, inventory systems, accounting systems, and reconciliation services.

Responsibilities :

●      Client Communication, Requirement Gathering, and Analysis

●      Project Planning (Define Module-wise Task)

●      Software Architectural Design

●      Resource Allocation (Task-wise)

●      Provide Team Guidance and Leading

●      Setup Application Architecture

●      Coding and Development


Project: OT-EMAIL-GO(Scalable Microservice for Sending Instant and Scheduled Email)

Environment: Golang, AWS SES, AWS SQS, AWS EC2, Redis

OT-EMAIL-GO was a revamp of an existing NodeJS microservice. The previous microservice was failing to handle large amounts of requests. Golang’s concurrency feature was used to handle incoming RESTful API requests, listen to AWS SQS concurrently, and send back status updates.

Responsibilities :

●      Client Communication, Requirement Gathering, and Analysis

●      Project Planning

●      Software Architectural Design

●      Resource Allocation (Task-wise)

●      Setup Application Architecture

●      Coding and Development

Project: GMP ( A Social Network For Pet Owners )

Environment: PHP(Laravel), MySQL, Redis, Next.JS


GMP is a social networking site for pet owners. The app offers creating and managing profiles, groups, events, posts, sending messages, and so on.

Responsibilities :

●      Client Communication, Requirement Gathering, and Analysis

●      Project Planning (Module-wise Task)

●      Resource Allocation (Task-wise)

●      Provide Team Guidance and Leading

●      Setup Application Architecture

●      Coding and Development


Project: Cron Hack(Cron Job Manager)

Environment: Golang, MongoDB, AWS SQS

Cron Hack is a simple service for managing Cron jobs. Initially, a single Cron job is run, which sends requests to the Cron Hack service. Then Cron Hack scans MongoDB and finds interval and time-based Cron jobs. After that Cron Hack concurrently pushes data to the respective message queue.


●      Setup Application Architecture

●      Coding and Development

Project: GI Tech-Update(Telegram Bot for Workflow Management)

Environment: Golang, MySQL, Telegram API, ReactJS

GI Tech-Update is a Telegram bot with a companion web application to manage workflow visibility, planning, and business process automation to be used by Key Account Managers


●      Coding and Development

●      Guiding junior developers (ReactJS)

Project: Goti Path CDN (Multi CDN)

Environment: Golang, Laravel, VueJS, MySQL, Redis, Meili Search, Concurrency

Goti Path CDN provides a multi-CDN facility. The service connects customers with G-Core Labs, Telecom Malaysia, and Object Storage in a local data center under the hood. The user pays a plain fee as per usage. The project extensively uses concurrency to communicate with partner APIs

Responsibilities :

●      Requirement Gathering and Analysis

●      Setup Application Architecture

●      Coding and Development of products, SDKs for customers, and partner APIs

●      Managing development team



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