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Ravi (RID : 15xwtl5w4cx7o)

designation   Senior React, Python , Nodejs Developer

location   Location : Ranchi

experience   Experience : 6 Year

rate   Rate: $12 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : Immediate

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 18
Total Views : 179
Key Skills
React JS HTML Javascript CSS Ajax UI Bootstrap C# .NET Core Python django SQL React Native iOS Web API

Years of Experience : 6

Technology / Domain : Full Stack Developer – Python, React, Node.js

Programming / Scripting Language : React JS, Redux, C#, .Net Core, Web API, Node.js, Angular, Python/Django, SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, Figma, TypeScript

S/W Engineering Methodologies / Tools : Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Apache Ubuntu, JIRA, WINSCP


  • AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
  • AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator



Project Details
Title : E-learning Platform for USA Client
Duration : 8 (Month)
role and responsibileties :


  • Leading the edtech project, orchestrating AI development with Azure Active Directory OAuth2 integration.
  • Developing a web application using React, Python, and Generative AI, utilizing React Query, Zod, React-Hook-Form, Redux-Toolkit, and Zu stand for advanced solutions.
  • Creating educational workflows and dashboards with PostgreSQL and ORMs (pg., drizzle), optimizing operations to enhance learning experiences.
  • Designing user-friendly interfaces and efficient data visualization, leveraging Generative AI within the educational sector, showcasing adaptability in a fast-paced environment.



Description :

Technologies Used : Python, React, Azure Active Directory, Web API, MySQL Server, PostgreSQL, Svelte

Description : The web application is an E-Learning Platform with the objective to enhance the educational journey for both educators and students. The platform streamlined the process for teachers to generate, manage, and evaluate student assignments using Gen AI. Simultaneously, students gained access to an intuitive portal for submitting tasks, monitoring deadlines, and obtaining feedback. The focus was maintaining the confidentiality and security of sensitive students and assessment data. This endeavor entailed staying up to date with innovative technology and actively responding to user feedback to elevate the educational experience.

Title : Collaboration Platform for Lawyers
Duration : 30 (Month)
role and responsibileties :
  1. Leading the team as a Senior AI Developer, guiding the development process, and ensuring best practices are followed.
  2. Utilizing Alogia Search for faster data processing, contributing to the efficiency and speed of AI systems.
  3. Implementing data normalization and cleanup techniques, ensuring the data is clean, accurate, and ready for training AI models.
  4. Implementing robust technologies to build and test AI software, ensuring it can handle large amounts of data and achieve desired results.
  5. Writing technical documents to record the development process, findings, and recommendations, facilitating clear communication and documentation.


Description :

Technologies used : React, Python, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Azure, AWS S3, Azure App Service

Description : The project focuses on a platform for lawyers where clients can select lawyers from different genres, whether civil or criminal, based on their requirements.

Title : Insurance Claim Web Application
Duration : 18 (Month)
role and responsibileties :
  1. Front-end and Backend Development: I actively participated in both front-end and backend development, playing a crucial role in building comprehensive solutions.
  2. Bug Detection and Classification: I was responsible for meticulously detecting bugs within the system and classifying them based on their severity and priority. This ensured a systematic approach to resolving issues and maintaining application quality.
  3. Deployment Procedures: I played a vital part in the deployment procedure of the coding work, ensuring that the application could be effectively released to users.
  4. Defect Verification and Guidance: I took on the task of verifying defects reported by other team members. Additionally, I provided guidance and support to my colleagues, assisting them in successfully completing project tasks and objectives.


Description :

Technologies Used : Reacts JS, Node.js, HTML, Microsoft Azure, Redux, SQL Server

Description :

  • A system for tracking property claims (a graph and a report) and sharing those claims between adjustors, contractors, and homeowners.
  • An innovative graphing system that lets you digitally graph the house and attach properties to each point, line, or polygon, creating a complete list of materials that make up the house and what parts of the house are damaged.
  • A reporting system that shows the basic house specifications, what the house should look like, what parts are damaged, and how the adjustor recommends repairing the house.

Title : Microsoft Teams Chatbot (Web to Microsoft Teams Video calling)
Duration : 6 (Month)
role and responsibileties :

My role as a Front-End Developer involved utilizing React, TypeScript, and a range of Microsoft technologies to create a call center platform with seamless integration capabilities, catering to the client's needs for enhanced client-agent communication.

  • Application Development: I played a crucial role in the development of the application, ensuring it met the client's requirements and objectives.
  • Technical Proficiency: Leveraging my expertise and I actively contributed to the development process, particularly on the front-end using React.


Description :

Technologies Used: 

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams for chat, voice, and video calling.
  • C#
  • Bot Framework
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • ACS (Azure Communication Services)
  • .NET with React JS, TypeScript

Description : The client wanted a call center platform that could connect clients with agents using a web chatbot and Microsoft Teams. The platform needed to have a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams for chat, voice, and video calling. The client also wanted the platform to be developed using C#, Bot Framework, Microsoft Graph API, ACS (Azure Communication

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