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Raghu (RID : v48nl28jnt5u)

designation   Java Developer

location   Location : New Delhi, India

experience   Experience : 3.9 Year

rate   Rate: $15 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : Immediate

Work From   Work From : Offsite

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 14
Total Views : 226
Key Skills
Java Ajax Javascript Jquery Hibernate HTML CSS Spring Framework Servlets JSP

Objective :

I am a Java Developer with 3 Yearsand 9 Months of experience. My objective is to give my Java Technical Skills, Communication Skills and Technical Knowledge to the Company I work for.Looking for a Software Company which has Management persons with Ethics and Morals. I am looking for a Long Term Employment opportunity.

Technical Competencies :

Development Java, Servlet, JSP, Spring Framework,

Languages Hibernate, System Design

Web Designing HTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS3, Java Script,

Ajax, jQuery, XML Development IDEs Eclipse IDE Database Languages SQL

Databases MySql Database

Code Version Tools Git

Build Tools Maven Communication IP Messenger, FileZilla Software

Office Suite MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point,

Windows Mail

Internet Browsers Chrome, Mozilla and IE

Operating Systems Windows 8.1, Windows 10, VDI and


Career Experience :

As a Java Developer, I developed a Email Ticketing Tool

Web Application. I developed this software application's UI Web User Interface (Web Pages)with technologies HTML, CSS, Java Script, Ajax, jQuery, JSP, XML and Logical programming with Java, Spring Framwork, Hibernate Technologies, SQL.

Project # 1 : Right Help Project Details :

Duration : 3 Years and 9 Months

Status : Completed, Enhancements are being made.

Clients : Yetto Host Project on Internet and yet to do Digital Marketing and should look for Clients globally.

Right Help is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. This is Email Ticketing Tool Web Application Software developed using Java Technologies.

Features :

  1. Developed application's User Interface web pages with JSP, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery etc.
  2. Providing Cases/Issues Management through Email Support.

  1. Customization of this application to any industry like BPO companies, Hospitals, Insurance companies, Software companies, Retail stores etc.
  2. Admin Module having facility to configure company's products and cases/issues configuration.

Java Technologies Used:

Java, Html, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, Servlet, Jsp, Jsp Tiles, Spring Framework, Hibernate, SQL, Mysql Database, Apache Tomcat Web Server, EclipseIDE

My Responsibilities :

 Designing the User Interface Web Pages and validation with Javascript.

 Business Logic Code is Jsp, Servlet, Spring Controllers and Hibernate Methods.

 MySql Database Access using Java Classes and using Hibernate.

 Validating the Web Pages using JavaScript.

 Designed the Architecture of theProduct.

 From starting of the Project till the End of the Project, I alone have developed this Email Ticketing Web Application.

Benefits :

  1. Time Saving for both for the Employees and for the System Administrator Executives;
  2. Decent Work Flow between the IT Department's System Administrator Executives, Employees and the IT Manager.
  3. Maintainance of the data in the Database and in the PDF documents Reports, Excel documents Reports and Html documents Reports of which Employee took What Resource at What day.
  4. Could be configured for any of the industries such as IT, ITES, Retail, Hospital etc;

Usage :

Right Help can provide solution to the customer/client through Email when your customer find difficulty in using your company's software product or if he finds any technical issue in the Product.

RightHelp for IT Departments :

RightHelp is an Web Application for IT Departments in any Industry. Especially useful for the IT Departments of

Software Companies. RightHelp is an Email Ticketing Tool, it is Web Based. Employees will send an Email requesting some Resource for them from IT Department, System Administrators of IT Department will view the request made by the Employee(s) in RightHelp Application, they will take the ownership of the request and will provide the Resource to the concerned Employee and the System Administrators will close the Ticket.

Instead of Employees walking down to the IT Department asking for the Resource, with our Application RightHelp, the Employee(s) can get their needed Resource (Software/Computer Hardware) just by sending an Email to the IT Department. This saves the Time, maintains the data of which Employee took What Resource at What day.

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