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Deepak (RID : 4q6kvgndlgd)

designation   Mernstack

location   Location : Jaipur

experience   Experience : 4 Year

rate   Rate: $20 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : 1 Week

Work From   Work From : Any

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

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Key Skills
JavascriptMongodb (Mongoose),

1 | P a g e Deepak- MernStack Developer – 4+Years Currently working on the PayRoll of Nine Hertz India Pvt. Ltd. Professional Summary: ● I am Frontend Developer with 4+ years of experience. I am experienced with MERN stack. I am working with React, Redux along with backend web technologies like Node and various Node Packages, express js, sockets.io, loopback. ● Good grasp of async, and promise driven programming, and building reusable code ● Good knowledge of building reusable components using material ui, styled components ● Ability to write high available and secured REST API ● I have Experience with large multi-tiered Responsive Web applications. I have also develop REST API server with Node/Express and MongoDB ● I have worked with Google Firebase services and used it’s authentication module in various apps. ● I have implemented concepts of Responsive web design and made platform independent web apps. My prime goal is to provide a consistent smooth UI experience across all browsers and all devices. ● Experienced in developing Reusable React Components with extensive unit testing as well. ● Experience with redux. Expertise in handling big state data with redux store. Experienced with Redux-thunk and Redux-sagas both for handling api calls side-effects in redux. ● Experience with version control system git and github Technical Skills:  Javascript,  Mongodb (Mongoose),  Mysql,  Git - fetch/Pull,  Git - Rebase/Merge,  HTML,  CSS - 2 Boxes,  CSS - Translate/left,  React.js,  Redux,  Babel,  Web socket/rest,  Google chart,  Styled-components,  Material UI (react) 2 | P a g e Work: Front-End Web Developer Responsibilities: ● Developed various features for end users of their web app. Which includes Autopay and billing section, bill comparison tools and many more customer experience enhancing features. ● We do not use any UI Libraries so all the UI components are custom build. ● Closely working with UI/UX developer, discussing and implementing various design approaches. ● Here I am working with JSX, SCSS, ES5/6, React Js-16 with new React-Hooks, React-Router, Redux, Redux-saga for async api calls and Node js. ● Created actions, reducers, data retrieval mechanisms. ● Developed and maintained reusable react components. ● Implemented unit tests for components, integration tests for modules and snapshot testing for ui using Enzyme and Jest. ● Responsible for state management (Redux based) ● Integrated data from backend RestFul web apis. Environment: React16, React-hooks, Redux, Redux-saga, Enzyme with Jest, Restful APIs. Full stack Web Developer Responsibilities: ● Involved in the development of the Node.js based command line tools. ● Worked extensively with Api calls on this application. ● Performed technical evaluations, solution and design approaches for business solution needs. ● Optimized load time and fix various bugs and issues. ● Heavily used Javascript Es6, React, React-Redux and Node js. ● It was a challenging task to build custom command line tools with node js. ● Developed and supported multiple services used by many internal applications. Environment: Node, Node CLI tools, npm, React, Redux. Front-End Web Developer Responsibilities: ● This was SPA (Single Page Application) based on React, Redux. ● Interesting part about this project was, we were not using JSX and instead used vanilla Javascript. ● Translated/Created requirements into design documents for entire application. ● Produce maintainable, testable, extensible, clean, well-documented code according to system design. ● Worked with Business Analysts and Product Owners to understand their business models and goals. Environment: ReactJs, Redux, Restful APIs, mongodb, mongoose, npm 3 | P a g e Front-End Web Developer Responsibilities: ● Worked on converting backbones.js based Ecommerce website to React-Redux based ecommerce. ● Converted all the codebase to the new React js code base with state management in Redux js which gave significant boost in performance and user experience. ● Redesign or upgraded various UI/UX components. ● We used mongodb database clusters and mongoose for schema. ● Derived complex redux-reducers with multiple action dispatchers. ● Experience in developing Component life cycle architecture, store, actions, using React-Redux to handle real time data, installing React Router, Redux for API calls in React JS. Environment: ReactJs, Redux, Restful APIs, mongodb, mongoose, npm Project Technology/Tools: MERN (Mongo DB, Express JS, React, Node JS) Project Description: Creating an NMS (Network Management System) 1) Monitoring System with Analytics. 2) To show the display parameters for each individual devices. 3) Remote Configuration and Diagnostics. 4) Alerts & Alarms. IOT Development ● Smart chug mug was build for beer drinkage analysis ● It was build using ardiuno and android for sync of analysis ● It used to calculate who drank beer fast and its count ● Mug had some levels sensors which were in sync with the mini ardi

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