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Ajmal (RID : 1ate6l87ng16h)

designation   Software Engineer

location   Location : Kochi, India

experience   Experience : 1.5 Year

rate   Rate: $7 / Hourly

Availability   Availability : 1 Week

Work From   Work From : Any

designation   Category : Information Technology & Services

Shortlisted : 2
Total Views : 43
Key Skills
Python HTML CSS Javascript django MongoDB SQLite
  • Experience in web development using Python Django 

  • Experience in working with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 

  • Experienced in FAST API 

  • Knowledge in writing APIs using Python Django 

  • Experienced in API Testing Using postman 

  • Experience in website deployment 

  • Experience in GitHub  

  • Knowledge in Shell script 

Project Details
Title : QUIZ APP
Duration : 6 (Month)
role and responsibileties :
  • User registration and login  

  • Welcome mail after registration 

  • Fetching questions from Firebase 

  • Implemented a responsive design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure the Quiz App was usable on a range of devices 

  • Email submission of test results after completion 

  • Developed a responsive design using Bootstrap 

  • Created a user account system using Django and an SQLite database to store user data 

Description :


Quiz App is a web application that allows users to take timed quizzes on programming languages or online test and able to view the results. The multiple choice questions are fetched from Firebase.

Duration : 8 (Month)
role and responsibileties :
  • User Registration, login API and delete user 

  • Used MongoDB as database 

  • Testing APIs using Postman 

  • Get live sensor data and getting data using query 

  • Get device live data 

  • Device register, update, delete and APIs 

Description :

Envitus Application allows us to monitor live data sent from the devices. We can find online and offline status of devices. The data can be visualized as table and graph format. And we can also download the data in csv format.  

Data will be sent every 3 minutes, If the device doesn’t send data within 15 minutes, that device will be shown as offline.  

There is a dashboard section, where we can view the location of that device in a google map, Daily AQI, Daily rain etc.  

We can add devices from the device section and also, we can edit device and deactivate a device.

Title : Oliva Incentive Calculator
Duration : 7 (Month)
role and responsibileties :
  • Developed a Python Django based web application for Oliva incentive calculation  

  • Handling Front-end (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) 

  • Database handling (SQLite3)  

  • Extraction of csv or xlsx files and storing necessary data to the database 

  • Created a rule engine for the calculations of all the incentives  

Description :

This project is a web application developed for Oliva for the calculation of incentives. The web application saves human effort and time to do the calculations of large data. The web application allows user to upload CSV or xlsx file containing the customer purchase details, employee details, incentive details. The incentive of each employee is calculated based on the inputs and incentive report for the employees is generated in pdf format. 

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